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For as long as I can remember I have loved dressing things up, from paper dolls to Barbie and Ken dolls, friends and especially my daughter and son when they were young.  Who knew all of that passion would be the beginning of the foundation for what I am doing today as a certified image consultant and stylist. 

My creative energy and aspirations for styling were further confirmed when I joined the Air Force and met a friend who was my suitemate.  She had her own unique style and she wore it like a runway model.  One day she had an elegant dinner to attend.  She was so overwhelmed about what to wear, that she was going to cancel going.  However, I saw it as a styling challenge and offered my help.  I did her makeup, selected unique pieces for her to wear and pulled her entire look together, complete with shoes and accessories.  She looked great and I could tell her confidence immediately skyrocketed. Yes, my first makeover was a huge success!


When I checked in on her the next day, she looked exactly the way she did before the makeover.  It is from this experience I coined the phrase, "You can’t just change your clothes, you have to change your mind too." 

My passion is to help women understand their attire speaks volumes about them, to the world around them and as women we have the power to control what is being said.  When we get dressed confidently for our lives from the inside out, then we can love the way we live and look.  

Michele Patton-Johnson

Speaker | Author | Life Style Coach

& Image Consultant

My Struggle,
is Your Success

I've always loved clothes, shoes, purses, and fashion in general, but I was a "Dressed Up Mess" I was lacking confidence and low self-worth, due to low self-esteem and not understanding who I was created to be.  After making destructive decisions that did not line up with anything that I was created to do, I just had to stop, take a knee and get myself together.  I realized I was on a life rollercoaster and I had to get off.

I began an introspective journey of looking in the mirror of God so I could SEE myself.    That transformational journey prepared me to understand a woman’s desire to live in alignment with who she really is and equipped me to walk her through the steps, so she can become the power-packed and confident woman that loves the way she lives and looks! 

mf_girls summit_092218-2922.JPG

My passion is to empower young girls and women to lovingly embrace themselves in their entirety.  As the creator of the Girl's Identity Summit, which is a national and international outreach event for girls, I'm partnering with local schools and community leaders to equip young women to love and embrace who they are, in order to develop in life, education, career, and areas of their purpose.    

A Ministry & Heart for Girls

  • Certified Image Consultant, New York Institute of Design 

  • Certified Life Coach, Authentic Identity Coaching

  • Certified Human Behavior Consultant

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Lean Six Sigma Certification

  • HR Project Management Certification

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