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Closet Cleanse Consultation

Help! My Closet is Out of Control:Address this Mess

  • 30 min
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

It's true...sometimes our closets can get out of hand and we need a little help. We understand that over time, closets can accumulate an overwhelming assortment of clothing, accessories and shoes, making it difficult to navigate and choose YOUR right pieces! That's where We come in... Your Closet, that is! This includes: Coming to a Closet Near YOU (3 Hours of Reorganization) What Not to Wear Any More (Give Away Clothes that No longer Serve YOU) What to Wear (Keep those Clothes that Serve YOU) 30 Minute Consultation: FREE Appointment: 3 Hour Duration 180 minutes Client’s Home or Virtual via Zoom Price: $175

Contact Details

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